Women's Health

Understanding Women’s Health can be complex! Depending on a woman’s life stage this can include treatment of issues such as PMS and PMDD, fertility planning, perimenopause, and menopause. The first step in treating hormonal imbalances and concerns is assessment. We begin with a thorough history of your hormonal health and then we can decide when and how to test your hormone levels, including your ability to detoxify your hormones.

Along with female hormones it can often be helpful to throughly test thyroid and adrenal hormones as well as some vitamin levels that impact hormones.

Your adrenals are glands in your back over your kidneys that deal with your stress response. Having sluggish adrenals can significantly impact your female hormones and thyroid. Testing and treating adrenal dysfunction can help with energy, mood, and hormone balance.

To test female hormones, my favorite method is called the DUTCH test This is a home urine test that tests female hormones, adrenal hormones, and detoxification limitations that impact hormones, as well as some markers of nutritional status.

Once we know what is happening with your hormones, we develop a treatment plan that can include dietary modifications, hormone therapy, nutritional supplementation, and herbal therapies tailored to your specific concerns. There is help for hormone imbalances!

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