What Is Low Dose Immunotherapy and Is It Right for You?

low dose immunotherapy

Do you suffer from allergies, eczema, chronic infections, or an autoimmune condition? If so, you should strongly consider undergoing low dose immunotherapy.

What is Low Dose Immunotherapy? How can you tell whether it’s right for you? We’re going to cover all of that and more below.

What Is Low Dose Immunotherapy?

First, we will answer the question: what is low dose immunotherapy? Sometimes referred to as LDI, this therapy involves exposing the immune system to small doses of specific items the immune system is reacting to on a regular basis. These antigens run the gamut from food, chemicals and things we breathe, to bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

By exposing the immune system to these antigens at regularly scheduled intervals, you effectively make the immune system more tolerant. This way, when said antigens present themselves through a food or environmental exposure, or viral/bacterial or fungal reactivation, the immune system is better able to tolerate these normal exposures.

LDI is administered every 7 weeks. Liquid droplets are placed under the tongue, after which they absorb into the immune cells in the mouth. If this is done over time, patients will receive successful results; if it’s discontinued prematurely, no result will be seen.

Each patient receives their own individual dosage depending on their size, their condition, and physiological response. The only way to know your dosage for sure is to consult an LDI provider.

What Exactly Happens During Low Dose Immunotherapy?

We’ve explained a bit about what low dose immunotherapy is. Now, let’s explain what happens during low dose immunotherapy.

During this therapy, a specific mix of allergens that is tailored to the patient’s condition are added to the body by drops administered under the tongue.

As a result, the immune system responds to the drops and learns to tolerate the exposure. Note, that because the dose of immunotherapy is so low, basically in the homeopathic realm of extreme dilution, it causes no major ill effects.

In fact, it trains the immune system so that it gets more and more used to the foods, things we breathe, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Once it gets used to these stimuli, it doesn’t react as extremely in response.

Which Problems Can Be Treated With Low Dose Immunotherapy?

Low dose immunotherapy can be used to treat a number of conditions. The problems that are most commonly treated by LDI include the following:

Autoimmune Diseases

There are all sorts of autoimmune diseases that can be helped with low dose immunotherapy.

When the symptoms of these diseases are triggered, the immune system kicks into high gear, resulting in even more exacerbated symptoms. But if the immune system is treated with low dose immunotherapy, its response to the aforementioned stimuli will be toned down. As such, the symptoms experienced won’t be as extreme.

So, while lose dose immunotherapy doesn’t eliminate these conditions, it does make them more bearable to live with. You may experience less pain and more comfort if undergoing low dose immunotherapy on a regular basis.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Not only does low dose immunotherapy help to treat autoimmune diseases but gastrointestinal issues as well.

By treating these conditions with low dose immunotherapy, you essentially lessen the gastrointestinal system’s response to stimuli. This allows for much less severe symptoms.

When treating gastrointestinal issues, specifically, a range of foods and bacteria are introduced to the body. These include parasites, Mycobacterium, and, in some cases, traces of stool.

Low Dose Immunotherapy Side Effects

The side effects of low dose immunotherapy are minimal. The most common of these is a feeling of being rundown after the first few therapy treatments. However, once you’re on your 4th or 5th treatment, this cold-like feeling will subside.

If you do experience side effects, your dosage will be lowered at future appointments to ensure that these side effects are reduced or avoided.

Interested in Undergoing Low Dose Immunotherapy?

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