The Benefits of Integrative Care for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

integrative care

A poll showed that 66% of adults aged 50 to 80 had used some kind of integrative care treatment. Many used these treatments to treat or prevent a health concern.

If you have some health concerns, you may be interested in integrative care. This provides a holistic approach that also uses some modern-day medicine.

There are many reasons why this may be a preferable option for your situation. This guide will help you understand the benefits of integrative medicine.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider integrative care.

Less Invasive Treatments

A lot of people do not like modern medicine because of how it makes them feel. Modern medicine can be very invasive depending on the form of treatment.

For instance, your doctor may prescribe a prescription medication that leaves you with many side effects. Integrative medicine is much more gentle and less invasive.

Integrative health utilizes natural forms of medicine in your treatment. This includes things like counseling and Neurofeedback.

Your treatment plan may even include naturopathic medicine or acupuncture. You won’t have to worry about treatments that have a negative impact on your life.

Integrative care is described as a marriage between traditional and modern medicine. This provides everything that you need without swinging too much in one direction.

Covers All Health Aspects

Natural medicine focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. This is very different from modern medicine, which only focuses on a specific problem.

For example, modern medicine would prescribe medication for anxiety. Integrative medicine takes a different approach that is gentler for every case.

Your physician may offer counseling or acupuncture as part of your treatment plan. These are gentle options that help to promote a feeling of wellness and ease.

Integrative care focuses on you as a whole. It takes into account your mental well-being as well as your physical health when creating a care plan.

This is something that modern medicine on its own often ends up neglecting. Your mind and body have a direct connection, which calls for more complex treatments.

Treats You as an Individual

Speaking of full body care, that is what integrative medicine provides. It is often described as providing whole-person care for the individual.

When you go into a normal doctor’s office, you may not feel cared for. Doctors manage dozens of patients and start to lose track of them.

Modern medicine also isn’t designed to focus on the individual. It focuses on the majority, so its effects may not always be the same for you.

Natural medicine seeks to treat you as a person and not the symptom itself. The goal is to resolve the symptom or disease, but that is not how the treatment’s formed.

Your physician will take every aspect of your situation into account. This includes any health issues or mental health issues you are dealing with.

Integrative physicians understand that you know yourself better than anyone else. Because of this, you have a voice and the kind of treatment you will receive.

Offers Prevention

Modern medicine has provided an amazing amount of benefits. People can now be healthier than ever with so many options.

But modern medicine has plenty of shortcomings as well. One example is that it is not made to prevent illnesses from happening.

Most modern medicine is available when you have already become sick. It is there to help you treat the symptoms and maybe resolve the issue once you have it.

Integrative care is a step ahead as it offers preventative care. You may have a family history of high blood pressure that you were worried about.

Your physician will create a plan to help prevent you from getting this disease. This is more efficient than taking medication to treat high blood pressure once you have it.

This care also focuses on the root of the issues you are having. Doing this creates a better chance of solving the problem with one or two treatments.

You may struggle with migraines and dizziness. If that is the case, your physician will dig deeper to figure out what is causing the problem before treating it.

Provides Long-Term Solutions

A lot of modern medicine can be a bit aggressive on its own. One good example of this is prescribed pain medication.

This type of medication is quite aggressive and is not very good for people to take long-term. But if you have chronic pain, you need some kind of solution.

Integrative care is a long-term solution because it is so gentle. It provides you with different therapies and medicine options to manage long-term illnesses.

This can also be useful in helping to prevent your illness or disease from progressing.

Who Needs Integrative Care?

If you have health concerns, you may be interested in integrative medicine. This therapeutic relationship is very appealing if you don’t like modern treatments.

The good news is that this is an option anyone can utilize. This care is perfect for those with illnesses or those looking to improve their health.

Integrative Care: Understanding the Benefits

Are you interested in integrative health? Integrative care is a gentler form of treatment, combining traditional with modern medicine.

It is less invasive and treats you as an individual instead of a basic case. It also provides a long-term solution since the treatment plans are more holistic.

Are you interested in seeing an integrative physician? Contact us today at Fairbanks Family Wellness to get started.