Navigating TeleMedicine Options: A Guide to Virtual House Call Doctors in Natural Medicine

Navigating Telemedicine Options

Have you been wondering about whether natural medicine is accessible via telemedicine? Today’s advances in telemedicine have made natural medicine even more virtually accessible than it ever has been before. There are great online options from visits, diagnostic testing, to online treatments!

Setting Up Your Telemedicine Visit

Setting up a virtual doctor visit is as easy as choosing a time and clicking the link to request a visit. If it is your first visit with the doctor, you will need to fill out online intake information. You will generally need to download an app so that you can have a HIPAA compliant (confidential) face-to-face telemedicine visit with your provider. Once the provider accepts your telemedicine visit request you are ready to go to the next step! Make sure to check with your insurance to verify that telemedicine is covered for you if you are expecting insurance reimbursement!

Virtual Healthcare Visits

Day of Your Telemedicine Visit

On the day of your telemedicine visit, you will meet with your provider in the online portal. Your provider may order bloodwork for you at a local lab or other diagnostic evaluations at a local imaging clinic. Your provider can also have specialized testing kits sent directly to your home or office to check for things like food sensitivities, heavy metals, mold overgrowth, or digestive disorders. Diagnosis from a distance has never been easier than it is today!

Your Treatment Plan

In your treatment plan, your natural medicine provider will give you a variety of action items for you to help improve your health such as lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, herbal medicine and vitamin supplements. Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and herbs can now be shipped directly to your home or office with your provider’s prescription. There are even cutting-edge medical-grade treatment devices that can be programmed with electrical frequencies that are specific to your health care concerns. These can be sent to you and run from your smartphone!

Virtual Natural Medicine Doctor

Limitations of Telemedicine

There are some limitations of virtual healthcare to be aware of. Your doctor might feel that you need an in-person evaluation if you are having acute issues such as shortness of breath, cough, painful urination, chest pain, etc. If this is the case, the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic might be a choice that you agree upon for evaluation of more acute issues.


There has never been a better time to make telemedicine a convenient, accessible way to see your natural medicine provider! From visit to treatment, easy online options abound to help you reach your health goals.