How to Use Natural Medicine for Your Food Sensitivities

Natural Medicine

Did you know that 15 to 20 percent of the population are affected by food sensitivities? To help people with sensitivities, natural medicine is a great solution.

But what is it? Natural medicine is the use of herbs, foods, and supplements to treat and heal our bodies. By taking natural medicine, you can reduce the number of symptoms you feel when you eat foods you’re sensitive to.

Keep reading to take a look at how natural medicine will help your sensitivities. 

Let’s Talk Food Sensitivities

There’s a difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. Food allergies result in your immune system overreacting to certain foods, leading to a number of symptoms.

When you eat a food you’re allergic to, your body can go into anaphylactic shock. This can lead to difficulty breathing, a swollen throat, and even death.

Food sensitivities are different. When you have a food sensitivity, you feel sick after eating certain foods. This happens when the foods you eat affect your body’s immune system.

You may not have an allergic reaction when you eat the foods you react to, but suffering from food sensitivity can be just as painful.

Common Food Sensitivities

There are many different symptoms of food sensitivity. Examples of the most common symptoms are headaches, bloating, joint pain, and stomachaches. The most common food sensitivities are gluten, dairy, and eggs.

How Can Natural Medicine Help Food Sensitivities?

There are a number of ways in which natural medicine can help food sensitivities. First of all, it can help you find the root of your sensitivities.

When you go to a doctor for help with your sensitivities, you’ll probably need to do a blood test. This is going to tell you which foods you’re sensitive to.

Once you know the foods that you react to, you can start taking natural medicine. Natural medicine will help your body start overcoming your sensitivities, and it can help reduce symptoms caused by sensitivities. 

It can reduce the number of symptoms you feel when you eat foods you’re sensitive to. You’ll start feeling less tired, bloated, and sick when you use natural medicine.

The Difference Between Natural Medicine and Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine can help relieve symptoms of allergies and sensitivities, but they’re not the best solution. For one thing, they’re expensive. Traditional medicine usually means you’re going to have to pay a lot of money for medications, which can add up.

It can also lead to side effects. Since traditional medicine is made using chemicals, it can lead to unpleasant side effects like headaches, stomachaches, and even long-lasting health problems.

Possible Natural Remedies for Food Sensitivities

Natural remedies for food sensitivities will be different for everyone. This is because the root of sensitivities is different for everyone. Your best bet for finding natural remedies is to go to a dietitian, naturopathic doctor, or nutritionist. They’ll be able to work with you to find the best natural remedy for you.  Some supplements that might be considered are fish oil, probiotics, L-glutamine, and quercetin.

Diet Changes

One of the most common natural remedies is diet changes. There are two components to this. 

The first component involves eliminating the foods making you sick. The second involves adding in foods that can help heal your stomach, so you feel better. 

There are a variety of foods that can help you feel better. We’ll list a few.


One of the best foods for food sensitivities is bananas. Bananas can help you with a number of different sensitivities.

Plus, they’re easy to eat. They’re perfect for anyone on the go.


Probiotics are an important part of eating healthy. They can help your body start getting rid of the bad bacteria that’s making you sick. They can also help you treat your sensitivities.

The processed food you get from the grocery store is often going to be full of chemicals. These chemicals can make you sick over the long term. Probiotic rich foods can help replace those artifical food chemicals with healthy flora.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to treat food sensitivities. It will help you get rid of the bad bacteria in your body.

It also lowers your body’s acidity level while increasing stomach acid to help you digest. When your acidity level is low , and your digestion improves, you’ll start to feel better.

Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables like kelp and wakame are other great options for overcoming food sensitivities. They’ve been used in Asia as natural remedies for centuries. They’re great at getting rid of toxins in your body. 


Another natural remedy is supplements. These are going to help you start improving your digestion. In addition, they’re going to help your body start developing the enzymes it needs to properly digest food.


Herbs are another option. There are many herbs that can help your stomach and intestines.

Some of them include ginger, turmeric, and peppermint. You can find these and others in many natural remedies and teas.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If you suffer from a gluten sensitivity, you’ve probably already noticed that it leads to inflammation. It’s important for you to start managing this inflammation.

One way is by eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. They’ll help your body start healing from the inflammation that’s leading to your food sensitivities.


Another option is getting acupuncture. Acupuncture can help your body start feeling better as it heals.

It can also help your body relax. These are both going to help you start overcoming your food sensitivities.


Exercise is another great way to help you overcome your food sensitivities. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins.

These will help you feel better. Exercise has also been shown to help your immune system become stronger.

Heal Your Body With Natural Medicine

By using natural medicine for food sensitivities, you can find relief without getting expensive treatments, medications, or going on a restrictive diet. You can also find ways to begin healing your body from the damage done by certain foods. 

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