How to Combine Your Child’s Healthy Diet With Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

If you have children, you’ll know that a one-size-fits-all approach to raising them isn’t going to work.

Every child is different and has vastly different needs! What works wonderfully for one may cause the other to act up, become anxious, or simply shut down. However, there are some areas where a more general approach does work, particularly when it comes to physical health.

There are definite do’s and don’ts where diet is concerned. If you want to raise a healthy child, you should combine a nutrient-rich, varied diet with natural medicine.

Read on to find out everything you need to know in this guide!

What Makes a Healthy Diet?

Nutrition is vital at every stage of life, but especially for children. As your little one develops and grows, they need to be eating lots of healthy food! But, what actually is a healthy diet from a professional point of view?

Focus on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be a core part of your child’s diet, every single day. Make sure you know what counts as one portion of their required five a day and keep the servings varied. Try to include plenty of different colored vegetables, as these tend to have different vitamins and minerals, and get as much goodness into them as you can!

Prioritize Good Fats

There are good and bad fats. Be aware to steer clear of foods that are high in saturated fats and focus instead on the healthy fats, such as Omega-3, which you can find in oily fish and algae supplements. Natural oils, such as olive and coconut oil, are also better options than over-processed seed oils, like safflower oil. 

Find Healthy Sources of Protein

Cheese and milk are common go-to’s for protein, but these aren’t actually the best sources. Cheese is a very fatty food, and milk is high in sugar, making neither a very good option. Instead, look for healthier foods that are still rich in protein, like tofu, eggs, lentils, quinoa, and chicken.

Switch to Whole-Grain Carbohydrates

Pasta, bread, and rice are all staples in children’s diets. To give them an extra nutrient boost, switch to whole-wheat options rather than white. Wholegrain carbohydrates are better for your heart, contain more fiber, and are full of essential minerals like magnesium.

Other great carbohydrates that are rich in nutrients include quinoa and oats.

Healthy Food For Kids is the Best Natural Medicine

A healthy diet is the best way to keep your children happy, healthy, and strong. Foods that are full of vitamins and minerals help to keep disease at bay and improve immune systems. In terms of natural medicine for children, always focus on their everyday diet first!

But, when they need a boost, there are plenty of other foods you can include that we haven’t yet mentioned. These aren’t always essential but can do wonders at fighting off sore throats, combatting nausea, and much more.

The Best Natural Medicine For Children

When it comes to pediatric natural medicine, there are plenty of options. These often don’t just cover the symptoms, but work to fix the underlying problem. Here are some of our best picks for your little ones.

Honey and Lemon for a Sore Throat

If your child has a sore throat, try treating it with honey and lemon. It helps to kill bacteria, ease swelling, and soothe the pain. Mix half a tablespoon of each with hot water, wait for it to cool, and your little one can drink it for a natural boost.

Chamomile for Colic

Colic can be very painful and stressful, but a mug of chamomile tea could help your little one through it. Chamomile can relax the intestinal muscles and soothe the lining of the stomach. Be sure to use a high-quality, organic tea and steep it for around five minutes.

Flaxseed for Constipation

When it comes to nutrition, flaxseed is a fantastic addition to any diet. However, it’s particularly good for little ones suffering from constipation. Leave the seeds to soak overnight in water and have your child drink the entire mixture on an empty stomach in the morning to get their bowels moving.

Turmeric for Inflammation Prevention

Turmeric is an absolute superfood in the natural medicine world! It can treat:

  • Ulcers
  • Indigestion
  • Psoriasis
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation

Add turmeric to curries or make turmeric tea to reduce swelling and ease any pain caused by the above issues.

Ginger for Upset Tummies

Nausea and sickness are common in children, especially once they start going to school! Sickness bugs can be expected to do the rounds at least once a year.

When your child comes home looking a bit green, try giving them ginger tea or sugared ginger. Ginger has antispasmodic properties that can calm the muscles in the stomach and reduce feelings of sickness.

Learn More About Natural Medicine and Healthy Diets

Your child’s diet is at the frontline of their health. From natural remedies to the food they eat every day, it can all go a long way to helping them grow strong and stay active!

At Fairbanks Family Wellness, we’re experts in family wellness and natural medicine. If you’d like to learn more or book in for a consultation, feel free to get in touch with our team today.