types of parenting styles

5 Types of Parenting Styles Every Parent Should Know About

Almost half of American parents use the authoritative parenting style. Why does this matter? Because, according to researchers, parenting styles have a significant effect on children. These effects can continue into adulthood. It’s why the prevalence of the authoritative parenting style isn’t surprising. This style of parenting usually results in outstanding outcomes for children.  Do

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water safety

3 Ways to Teach Preschoolers How to Be Safe Around Water

Drowning is among the leading causes of death in children, making it a significant but preventable public health problem. In the U.S., there are an estimated 3,960 fatal drownings yearly, averaging 11 deaths every day. It often happens quietly and takes only a few seconds.  Teaching children how to be safe around water is essential.

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Can Acupuncture Treat Stress, Feelings of Anxiousness and Fatigue?

Did you know that 41 million adults in the US suffer from an anxiety disorder? Many people will have feelings of anxiety, stress, or fatigue at some point in their lives. Finding ways to manage or treat these feelings can be difficult in everyday life.  Acupuncture is a great alternative and natural medicine treatment for stress,

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Functional Medicine

Common Childhood Diseases and How Functional Medicine Targets Them

Chronic illness is a condition that lasts for more than three months and affects daily life. It is estimated that 40% of children in America have a chronic illness, and the number is rising. Some of the prevalent childhood diseases include asthma, food allergies, and behavioral problems. Chronically ill children’s parents know how difficult it is

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