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Family Medicine in Fairbanks, AK

Naturopathy stands distinct from conventional medicine in the philosophy upon which it is based. Most of today’s modern pharmaceutical drugs are designed to control symptoms: anti-hypertensives for high blood pressure, statins for high cholesterol, etc. These medications are valuable, can save lives, and serve an important purpose in today’s healthcare arena. However, they stop short of providing true health because, ultimately, they do not address the underlying problem.

While high blood pressure may be controlled with medication, the cause of the high blood pressure has not been addressed and still exists. When symptoms are masked with medication, the disease persists and over time this will cause new symptoms in other areas of the body to develop.

At Fairbanks Family Wellness, the purpose of Naturopathic Medicine is to take your health further than symptom management. Naturopathic doctors go through rigorous 4 years of graduate medical education, take board exams, and are licensed care providers in the state of Alaska. Instead of treating with drugs and surgery, we are trained to look for the cause of an illness or imbalance and help the body right itself.

To do this, we use nutrition and lifestyle changes, laboratory testing, physical examination (including well woman exams/paps, physicals, well child exams), homeopathy, herbal medicine, vitamins and minerals, and allergy desensitization, and bodywork.

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